Snipers Column
DJ Sniper plays editorial for EPW fans

June 2003
Hello EPW fans, show 8 has just been posted and kicks off the eventful summer for EPW programming. The show was great and involved the person I interviewed this month, Da Robb. Read on as the campino lover gives us the scoop from the Destron Champion's point of view. Is Jazz really that lazy? Does Mouldsta really drink that much? Read on to find out! Click here to read the interview with Da Robb!

May 2003
Greetings! I have now interviewed DDR, one of EPW's newest stars. In the interview he talks about his attitude, what it's like to meet 'the Posse', EPW's direction and about hardcore feds.  Click here to read it!

April 2003
Hey everyone, if you don't already know, this is Sniper. I'll be writing an article on the EPW site every week or so. This week, I'm going to talk about the beginning of the EPW and how far they've travelled in a short amount of time.

EPW Monster June was the first that we had seen of Extreme Posse Wrestling. With characters like Divefire, Corporate Ken, Mckay, and Chickenwing Z, we the fans were introduced to the wacky characters and funny segments. We saw the debut of The Masked Man, who went on to win the Victory Tournament and Da Robb, who won the Destron title on show 6.

At first, the wrestling was poorer than the humour. However, over time and with new members coming in, the wrestling has improved a lot. Doing table bumps in show 6 went to show everyone that they can bump too and aren't just a bunch of people who are funny. I think that EPW will improve in later shows and will continue entertaining us all.