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B2T:UK - Full Lineup
On loan from Norton Radstock based promotion ‘BWE’, these 3 stars are here to showcase their talent right here on AJ Charlie is the kid with the sweet feet and lightning fast moves, Lawrence Luthor just loves showboating for the camera and knows how to be cocky at the best of times, Nate Williams is the biggest of all three and has also previously worked with Corporate Ken on the UK Indy scene.

These two up and coming stars are set to lock horns and kick-start Back 2 The UK in true style. Of course, this has not been their first encounter since as they have battled previously in tag team and triple threat competition. Back 2 The UK will see Manx and Kung Pow Kid do battle one on one for the first time.

Since the beginning of EPW it has been well documented that Corporate Ken and McKay have never been on the best of terms with one another. Since McKay worked his way up to membership of ‘the council’ he’s made it his mission to make Corporate Ken’s life a misery. This no-holds barred duel will be the third in a trilogy of matches between these two mortal enemies. In previous encounters Corporate Ken defeated McKay in the main event of Melted#4, whilst McKay in turn defeated the Bristolian big-man on Melted#7, also capturing the now shelved Mosh Pit Championship.

McKay and Corporate Ken have a victory a-piece over one another. Could this match be the tie-breaker that long term EPW viewers have been waiting for?

The young-blood of EPW are booked to headline this event in EPW’s first ever King of the Mountain match. This match will determine who will walk away from B2UK with the prize of EPW championship gold.

Over a period of shows, Sketchy and Da Robb have had their series of battles most memorably their Street Fight from Melted#16 which was so volatile it couldn’t be contained within the EPW arena. This time around Da Robb has the EPW championship to defend against a hungry new competitor in the form of skater-boy Sketchy. In this situation Da Robb will have the belt taken from him and suspended high above the EPW ring canvas. This match could mark an explosive finale for B2UK. Stay tuned.

Corporate Ken on BIT2UK
In regards to the main event match at Back 2 The UK between defending EPW Champion 'Da Robb' and the no.1 contender 'Sketchy', here is a brief rundown of what an EPW style King Of The Mountain match is.

An "EPW style" King Of The Mountain bout is a ladder match with knobs on. The belt will be suspended above the arena and ladders will be required to reach for the gold.

- Wrestler must score a pinfall or submission to be given the right to climb the ladder.

- If the wrestler climbing the ladder touches the floor again he/she must re-earn the right to climb the ladder again.

- Unlike TNA's version of the match: There will be no penalty box, especially as there are only two entrants into the match.

A match like this is going to require endurance, stamina and for the viewers a sharp eye to know what's going on. Trust us on this one folks - we got this one very much worked out!


Crazeekim on BIT2UK

Back 2 the UK has been held back due to technical issues, including one of the original tapes being STOLEN, containing the JJB Vs Gurl Destron Title match!

The show will still appear on in the near future, minus the stolen match footage, so everyone can see the rest of Back 2 The UK in it's entirety.

The Council believe that JJB, due to his background in criminal activity, may be responsible for the theft and destruction of the missing tape - especially due to the outcome of the match which involved him losing the Destron title to it's former holder, Gurl!

Due to this, Gurl will be awarded the Destron belt and JJB will have to become No 1 contender the traditional way should he wish to regain the title again.

All will be made clear when B2TUK airs soon on and further features arrive on the web site.

In the meantime, EPW staff congratulate Gurl on his regaining the Destron title and invite you all to enjoy the classic matches featured on at this time, whilst awaiting the arrival of 'the big one'.

Keep it crazee,

EPW President

EPW Melted 6 - Mosh Pit Battle Royale
The Mosh Pit Battle Royale which main evented Melted Show 6 is one of the most talked about matches in the history of EPW. Download this special uncut re-edit to relive the bone crunching, table crashing action!

Show 19 Online
The last Melted before B2UK starts and ends with a bang. Gurl defends the Destron Title against JJB and McKay puts Ken, Sketchy and Robb through their paces in a triple threat main event. Anything can happen between 19 and B2UK, download and tune in to find out.

Show 18 Online
McKay exercises his authority, effecting the card for the show. Gurl and Manx are made to fight in an OWM vs OWM match, Ken and Sketchy are given unwanted opponents and McKay books himself in the main event.

US company scouts EPW stars for film scenes
A selection of EPW stars are entering the silver screen today, and not just as extras either! Minor roles in a locally filmed movie of a book, Stepping Stones Miracles, will be filled with the likes of Da Robb, Sketchy, Gurl and of course, Corporate Ken.

An American film and production company, working with a professional film outlet in the UK are shooting all day today in Keynsham. Amongst the scenes are black and white flashbacks to the youth of one major character, the Grandfather of the author of Stepping Stones Miracles and the star of the film (Des Morton). EPW stars will be playing the role of teenaged, brawling miners in the 1880s, one of whom will be the Grandfather of Des Morton. They will also be appearing in wedding scenes from the 1980s as extras.
We are very proud to be able to contribute to a locally written and directed piece such as this, based on such a fascinating local book.

EPW were invited to stage their talents after word 'got around' that wrestlers are good at 'fighting realistically whilst not getting hurt'. This is true; wrestling is acting and just as theatrical acting requires safe, staged violence to carry the storyline, so does wrestling and film. It therefore gives me great pleasure to have EPW talent scouted by the American production company and associated with a locally based and performed film.
More on this after the shoot is done. Watch this space!

Conquest Online!
Our latest FFV (free for view) show is now online! Find out what happens at the first ever EPW : ConQuesT.

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Other Notes
I would like to thank you; the audience for your feedback on the show. And as always I can be reached at Ken at epwuk dot com. I like 'good' comments and 'constructive' criticism (abusive comments will be unanswered - hah!)

Thanks for reading and stay proud and stay sane. God be with you.

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