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Here you'll find columns written by EPW members or fans, and extra features you won't find in any shows or events! Get stuck in!

B2T:UK Pre-Show Assault?
Backstage drama unfolds just before Back 2 The UK is underway. It looks like the mystery assailant from Back In The UK has made his return - or could it be someone totally different?
-> Watch the clip here and find out!

B2T:UK Pre-Show Exhibition Match
On loan from Norton Radstock based promotion ‘BWE’, these 3 stars are here to showcase their talent right here on epwuk.com. AJ Charlie is the kid with the sweet feet and lightning fast moves, Lawrence Luthor just loves showboating for the camera and knows how to be cocky at the best of times, Nate Williams is the biggest of all three and has also previously worked with Corporate Ken on the UK Indy scene.
-> Check out their exhibition match here.

Just Call Me Jazz vs Kung Pow Kid
epwuk.com continues it's series of classic matches in this revist to Melted: Show 7 where Just Call Me Jazz took on Kung Pow Kid in the opening bout. We bring to you in this re-edited version the unseen angles of this classic encounter.
-> See it remastered and reedited here here.

Da Robb vs Shaolin in REW
This previously unseen match features Da Robb locking horns against Shaolin in a bout taken from the 2003 event "REW: It ain't EPW". More extras to come soon.
-> See it for the first time here.

EPW Melted 6 - Mosh Pit Battle Royale
The Mosh Pit Battle Royale which main evented Melted Show 6 is one of the most talked about matches in the history of EPW. Relive the bone crunching, table crashing action in this special uncut re-edit.
-> Relive the moment here.

Corporate Ken / McKay B2UK contract signing!
Here you go folks - it's the contract signing for one of the most anticipated matches in years of EPW! See them sign on that dotted line ...
-> Check it out here.

Crazee Column
You can't get enough of her on the mic, now Crazee Kim comes to you in text form. What will she be speaking out her mind on now? Give it a read and find out!
-> Read her column here.

Seasons Beatings From EPW 2004
Happy Christmas from all of us at EPW, and have a great New Years!  Some of the EPW crew have their Christmas Beatings to hand out now, so check them out ;)
Corporate Ken's Christmas Beatings take #1
Corporate Ken's Christmas Beatings take #2
Da Robb's Christmas Beatings take #1
Da Robb's Christmas Beatings take #2
Jimmy Jailbreak's Christmas Beatings
Sketchy's Christmas Beatings take #1
Sketchy's Christmas Beatings take #2

Jimmy Jailbreak Sighting!
Caught on camera! EPW's latest edition 'Jimmy Jailbreak' exploring his new surroundings at the Keynsham arena.
--> See the footage here.

Another EPW Arrival
Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone pays the price. Everyone deserves a second chance. Someone's out to take theirs, and they're heading to EPW ...
--> Watch the promo here.

Show 14 preview
What's all this? Some words being passed between EPW members backstage?  Show 14 is nearing ...
--> See the footage here.

Corporate Column
The man behind Corporate Ken gets a few choice words in an exclusive column here on epwuk.com!
--> Read his column here.

DJ Sniper's Column
DJ Sniper is an EPW fan. But he's also a fan of other BYW feds and BYW in general. Here he writes some editorial about EPW, featuring interviews with EPW stars!
--> Read his column here.

Sketchy Music Vid
Sketchy is one of the new stars here at EPW, and he's had a shot at his own music video too - proving that wrestling isn't the only thing you can have a shot at if you're not afraid to try.
Get the Sketchy music video here.

BIT:UK Backstage & Out-takes
For all those who thought BIT:UK was over and done with, here's something to put a smile on your face - BIT:UK behind-the-scenes access and even out-takes!
Behind The Scenes - Jazz with a clapper board?
Behind The Scenes - Setting up
Out-takes - Ken opening the show
Out-takes - Ken opening the show 2
Out-takes - Swag & Gurl scene

EPW Meets The Former BYWF
I Corporate Ken, had the honour of visiting the great nation of Canada over the Easter break to meet up with the former stars of the BYWF (who now wrestle under New Wave Wrestling). See pictures here - http://www.nwwonline.com/BehindTheScenes.html.

Seasons Beatings From EPW 2003
Happy Christmas from all of us at EPW, and have a great New Years!  Some of the EPW crew have their Christmas Beatings to hand out now, so check them out ;)
Da Robb's Christmas Beatings
Corporate Ken's Christmas Beatings
Swag's Christmas Beatings
The Crazee Christmas Message for 3 in the afternoon ;)

Where Was Shaolin?
Some of you may have wondered what happened to the other half of Eastern Mystery during the events of Show 10. EPWUK.com caught up with Kung Pow Kid during an interesting mobile phone conversation with his ninja comrade.