Extreme Posse Wrestling
'Free from politics, ignorance & lameness!'

The Bristol Posse, or just "The Posse" as we're known, are the driving force behind the EPW, and where it all began at least four years ago.

EPW is here for fun and to entertain you. We are not trying to compete with any other federation, or to do what they are doing. We are not imitating the WWE because we don't want to be like Pro Wrestling feds. We want to be clean, we want to be fun and we want to be relaxed about it. So, if you're here to sling mud, you might as well jack it in now, because we aren't here to listen, only to have fun.

EPW Fast Facts :
Who? The Posse, and many of their closest friends! Currently there are 16 active wrestlers on the EPW roster, as well as 7 inactive or ex-wrestlers. They all have bios on the bio page.
Why? Most of us like wrestling, and since there aren't any wrestling schools around here, EPW is the only way to get on the mat. We also don't agree with or align ourselves with the use of real blood or violence, glass or nails, guns or knives, under 16s in the ring, sexual immorality of anything else of that nature.
When? Originally EPW started out as friends who liked wrestling trying out stuff together and messing around at Posse Parties, which was looking back on it, somewhat dangerous and a little immature. But now it's a lot more organised, safe and very professionally arranged to ensure health and safety are kept high priorities.
What was that puppet? Red Fluffy Monster, Mr. Inflatable Alien, Lord J Gronsmere and his brother, Cuthbert, are all characters represented by inflatable or plush toys, that you will see from time to time!

EPW is run by logically tolerant persons residing in the UK. All attempts will be made not to deliberately offend; however if you are especially offended please email us about it and we'll always attempt to listen to your problems when ever they are reasonable. If you're offended by wrestling or the usual contents of back yard wrestling; don't watch!

EPW's wrestler and owner base is predominantly Christian, although not all those involved in the EPW are Christian or even religious. Therefore certain standards will be adhered to in the production of our shows; they will be clean, there will be no cussing (especially directed at The Almighty), and there will be no racism, sexism or anything else of that nature either. So if you came to see nudity, you came to the wrong place! Although we do have divas ... and even clothed they look darn nice ...

We're not about trying to 'be real', or dropping each-other onto a dish of light bulbs in an attempt to be harder than someone else. However, we do have FULL length shows and use tables, ladders and chairs, unlike so-called hardcore feds who only show little clips of insane and dangerous stunts done by kids who have no idea what they're doing.

We don't care if you think someone's headlock is on the wrong side. We couldn't give a monkey's if you believe our wrestlers are too thin, too fat or not using light tubes. We are the EPW and we're not trying to be like any other fed, ever.

The whole roster would like to thank the fans for their patience in standing by us as we've spent time developing EPW from a party to a concept, to a preview Free-For-View premier show (Monster June 2002) and finally to a fast-evolving back yard wrestling federation with a splash of British humour and a wave of amusement running throughout. We're not trying to out-extreme anyone, we already *know* we're hilarious!

We are doing something for FUN, so live with us or live without us; but you'll never change us because we're lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it!
Thank you and goodnight!